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Gasko v. Ginther, Case No. ESPR040789 (Iowa Dist. Ct., Linn County 2021): successfully defended Executor in will contest trial.

In Re Estate of DeSantis, No. ESPR040789 (Iowa District Court for Linn County, 2021):  Represented Beneficiary in obtaining removal of initial Administrator, admitting Will to probate, and appointing Beneficiary as Executor.  Subsequently represented Executor/Beneficiary in two day bench trial resulting in favorable trial court judgment dismissing Will Contest. 

In Re Estate of Dolezal, No. ESPR041266 (Iowa District Court for Linn County, 2020), affirmed 964 N.W.2d 558 (Unpublished Opinion Iowa Court of Appeals 2021):  Obtained favorable ruling on Executor’s Motion for Summary Judgment dismissing Will Contest, affirmed on appeal. 

In Re Estate of Burge, No. ESPR038078 (Iowa District Court for Linn County, 2019), affirmed 958 N.W.2d 620 (Unpublished Opinion Iowa Court of Appeals 2021):  Obtained favorable ruling from District Court on Beneficiary’s objection to real estate installment contract signed by Executor that failed to comply with provisions of decedent’s Last Will and Testament, decision affirmed on appeal. 

Kessler v. Kessler, No. ESPR006423 (Iowa District Court for Jefferson County, 2020).  Represented surviving spouse in resolving Will Contest and dispute over pre-death actions taken as decedent’s Agent under a Financial Power of Attorney. 

In Re Conservatorship of Haravon, No. GCPR031615 (Iowa District Court for Johnson County, 2019), affirmed 964 N.W.2d 30 (Unpublished Opinion Iowa Court of Appeals 2021):  Represented Agent under Financial Power of Attorney in obtaining favorable trial judgment declining to establish a conservatorship, plus subsequent ruling on reimbursement of attorney’s fees.  Ruling on attorney’s fees was confirmed on appeal and the Iowa Supreme Court denied a request for further review. 

In Re Estate of Kaalberg, No. ESPR040726 (Iowa District Court for Linn County, 2019).  Represented Executor in resolving common law spousal claim filed against the Estate. 

In Re Estate of Brannian, No. ESPR019002 (Iowa District Court for Poweshiek County, 2018).  Represented Beneficiaries in obtaining appointment of new Executor and resolving Will Contest. 

Britten et al v. Grice and Doehrmann, No. CVCV023585 (Iowa District Court for Iowa County, 2014):  Defended Executors in a combined Will Contest filed against mother’s Estate and Trust Contest filed against father’s Trust.  Prevailed on Motion for Summary Judgment to dismiss Will Contest.  Prior to trial, obtained voluntarily dismissal of Trust contest.   

In Re Stanley Real Estate Trust, No. TRPR08716 (Iowa District Court for Muscatine County, 2008):  Represented one Co-Trustee and multiple beneficiaries in obtaining court approval to modify the Trust and sell real estate owned by the Trust. 

In Re Estate of Laplace, No. ESPR027739 (Iowa District Court for Johnson County, 2007): Represented Executor of Estate in resolving dispute over admission of older vs. newer Will to probate on basis of decedent’s competency. 

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